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Daly City Firefighters Local 1879

Keep Engine 95 Open!

Vote YES on Measure V

Vote YES on Measure V


  • A “YES” vote on Measure V will ensure that your public safety services will not be cut and your Daly City Fire Department will retain the 9 firefighter positions needed to keep Engine 95 open, 365 days per year.


  • If the measure fails, Daly City Management WILL eliminate 9 firefighter positions and shut down Engine 95, which equates to a drastic 20% reduction in fire engine coverage within Daly City and a dangerous compromise to the safety of all the citizens of Daly City. 


  • Measure V will generate $3.8 million each year for five years to fully cover salaries and benefits, recruitment, training, uniforms, protective gear, and fire apparatus costs for police and fire personnel.


  • The funds generated can ONLY be used for public safety (police & fire) costs.


  • Measure V is an annual, flat-rate parcel tax of $162 a year for each parcel of property in Daly City.  It will be in effect for 5 years and WILL NOT increase.  The $162 tax for each parcel of property equates to only $13.50 per month and only $0.44 per day!


  • This measure requires a two-thirds majority to pass, so please get out and VOTE this November 8th.   Your safety depends on it!






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